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【初心者向け ダイアローグテキスト】

I am Starving!!!

Yin: I think we should get something to eat. I did not eat breakfast and now it is
already 1 pm.

Linda: Are you hungry?
Yin: Hungry? I'm starving. Oh! Come on pal. Why do you have to ask? Could you
just think of a place where we can eat?

Linda: There is an Italian restaurant near here.
Yin: Is the food very hot?
Linda: It's kind of hot, but it's very delectable.

Let’s Answer!

1. Where do they plan to eat?
a. Japanese Restaurant
b. Italian Restaurant
c. Chinese Restaurant
2. Why was YIN starving?
 a. She forgot to eat lunch
  b. She forgot to eat breakfast
  c. She doesn’t know how to cook food
3. Use the word STARVING in a sentence

What’s the Word?
Look for the SYNONYMS of the following words. Answers can be found in the

1Yummy = __________
2Very Hungry = ________
3Friend = _________

Conversations Questions
1. What do you usually feel when you are starving?


【中級者向け ダイアローグテキスト】

American Slang with Dialogues

• VERB: do something very well
• ADJECTIVE: first-rate
• NOUN: expert

Vanessa: Hey, SV! How do you find the final exam?
SV: Well, it was naturally very difficult! I didn’t know what to do
in the essay part.
Vanessa: Oh come on! Essay is your forte, isn’t it?
I know you prepared so well for it! I’m sure you’re going to ace the exam.
SV: I can’t be sure. There were a lot of items which I failed to review.
I did my best though!
Vanessa: See, you don’t have to worry then, as long as
you gave your best shot!And I know you did!


【上級者向け ビジネステキスト】


“I work in advertising. I love my job! It’s really rewarding and stimulating –
satisfying and interesting. Originality and creativity are very important in
this industry, of course; we have to come up with – produce – lots of new
No two days are the same. I could be contracting film companies for new
advertising campaigns one day and giving client presentation the next. I
like the client contract and I am very much hands-on-being involved with
the productive work of the agency rather than managing it.
When I joined the agency, I hit it off with my colleagues immediately and I
still get on well with them and t here’s a very good rapport between us. This
is all part of my job satisfaction.”

Words and Expressions

Practice and Application
Rewarding Stimulating
Originality Creativity Come up with
No two days are the same Client contract
Hands-on I hit it off with Get on well with
Rapport Job satisfaction

Practice and Application

Activity 1.1: Complete the sentences with expressions from text A.
1. Work that is interesting and exciting is _________ and ________.
2. If you spend time with costumers, you have _________________.
3. If you have a good working relationship with your colleagues,
you __________ well with them.
4. If you do the actual work of the organization rather than being a
manager, you are _______________.
5. If you want to say something that is not repetitious, you can say,
6. __________and _________ are when you have new and effective
ideas that people have not had before.