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【初心者向け ダイアローグテキスト】

At The Hotel
Checking Out 1

Receptionist: Good morning. May I help you?
Daniel: Yes, I’d like to check out now. My name’s Adams,
room 312. Here’s the key.
Receptionist: One moment, please, sir. & Here’s your bill. Would
you like to check and see if the amount is correct?
Daniel: What’s the 140 rupees for?
Receptionist: That’s for the phone calls you made from your room.
Daniel: Can I pay with traveler’s cheques?
Receptionist: Certainly. May I have your passport, please?
Daniel: Here you are.
Receptionist: Could you sign each cheque here for me?
Daniel: Sure.
Receptionist: Here are your receipt and your change, sir. Thank
Daniel: Thank

Checking Out 2

Receptionist: Hi there. Are you checking out now?
Guest: Yes, sorry. I know we're a few minutes late.
Receptionist: That's no problem. It's always really busy at check
out time anyway.
Guest: Oh, really. The last hotel we stayed in charged us
for a late check out.
Receptionist: The hotel isn't booked this week, so it's not a
problem. How was everything?
Guest: The room was great. The beds were really
comfortable, and we weren't expecting our own
Receptionist: I'm glad you liked it.
Guest: The kids were disappointed that the pool wasn't
open this morning, though.
Receptionist: I apologize for that. We can't get a cleaner in any
earlier than 10 am.
Guest: Well we had a nice swim last night anyhow.
Receptionist: Will you be putting this on your credit card?
Guest: No. I'll pay cash.
Receptionist: OK. So the total comes to $123.67, including tax.
Guest: I thought it was $115 even. That's what they said
yesterday when we checked in.
Receptionist: Yes, but there is an extra room charge on your bill.
Guest: Oh, I forgot. My husband ordered a plate of nachos.
Receptionist: No problem. So...from $140, here's your change.
Now, I'll just need to ask you for your room keys.
Check your understanding
1 Why does the guest apologize when she arrives at the front
a. She got to pay
b. She is late checking out.
c. Her kids used the pool when it was cold.
d. Her credit card isn’t working.
2 Which of the following did the woman's family NOT like about
the hotel?
a. the pool hours
b. the rooms
c. the beds
d. the rate
3 What was the woman charged for besides the room rate?
a. telephone use
b. room service
c. pool towels
d. a late fee


【中級者向け ダイアローグテキスト】


Dialogue 1:

Shopping for the Day

Man: Hi young lady. How may I help you?
Girl: Well . . . yeah. I'm looking for a Father's Day's present.
Man: Okay. How about getting your father a new wallet?
Girl: Hmm. How much is that wallet?
Man: Huh . . . which one?
Girl: The black one.
Man: Oh. It's only $40.95.
Girl: Huh? That's too expensive for me. Do you have a cheaper one?
Man: Hmm. How about this brown leather one?
Girl: Umm. . . I don't think my father will like the design on the outside, and
it doesn't have a place to put pictures. How much is it anyway?
Man: It's $25.99.
Girl: Humm. I don't have that much money.
Man: Okay. How much do you have to spend?
Girl: I'm not sure [money falling on the table]. Probably about ten dollars or
so. I've been helping my mom around the house for the past week to earn
some money. This is all I have.
Man: Hmm. How about this tie?
Girl: That's real pretty, but the price tag says $13.99, and I know I don't
have that much money.
Man: Well, let's just say the tie just went on sale. How about $5.00? What
do you say?
Girl: Oh, thanks. I'll take it.
Man: It’s really good you are asking for things.

Dialogue 2:

In the Ladies' Wear Department

Shop assistant: Hello, can I be of assistance?
Customer: I am looking for a pair of jeans.
Shop assistant: What proportion do you take?
Customer: Twenty-nine.
Shop assistant: We have several of very nice blue jeans here. They're on
offer this week.
Customer: Well, I actually prefer black jeans.
Shop assistant: That's okay. We also have them in black.
Customer: Where can I try them on?
Shop assistant: The fitting room is over there.
The customer tries the jeans on.
Customer: They're too big.
Shop assistant: Would you like a smaller size?
Customer: Yes, please.
The customer tries the jeans on.
Customer: These fit rather well. But I think I look plump in them. Don't you
Shop assistant: Not at all. These jeans suit you very well.
Customer: Well, I think I will try on a blue pair.
The shop assistant brings a pair of blue jeans and the customer tries the jeans
Customer: They are very tight and I don't like blue jeans, anyway. Don’t worry
I will just look around to find something suitable for me.


【上級者向け トピックテキスト】

No.3 Advertisement

A: Do you know that TV, radio and print ad play a significant role
to boost company's sales and productivity?

B: I think so too. Think of Toyota, Honda, Sony and Panasonic.
They are big Japanese companies and they have been exporting their products globally.
Advertisement is really needed to make customers aware of their business' products.

A: But they are paying millions of money for the advertisement, right?
Don't you think that would be a big loss for them?

B: Yeah, they are paying millions but the ROI is huge too.
Much more than the amount they paid for the commercials.

A. What's ROI?

B: ROI? Return of Investment.

Assessment Questions:

1. What boosts company sales and productivity?

a. TV advertisement
b. Radio advetisement
c. Print advertisement
d. TV, Radio and Print Ad

2. What would be a big loss for the Japanese companies?

a. paying expensive salaries to employees
b. paying high taxes to government
c. paying millions for advertisments
d. paying millions for research and development

3. Make a sentence using the functional expression: " _____ is/are (verb)+ing _____ but _____".